Sung Blue Photography | VW Campervan wedding at Bassmead Manor Barns: Sheena + Luke

VW Campervan wedding at Bassmead Manor Barns: Sheena + Luke

March 12, 2017  •  1 Comment

So excited to share this gorgeous wedding with you!

Sheena and Luke chose to have their wedding at the beautiful Bassmead Manor Barns! I started the day with Sheena at her parent's house where she got ready with her girls and her two children, Charlie and Lois. I loved the way Sheena chose to do her hair on the day, especially the gorgeous handmade floral hair pieces made by 'Love From Becky'. Sheena opted for an elegant strapless A-line dress for herself, and went for mismatch pastel gowns for her maids.

Sheena and Luke met in The Rickety Barn at Bassmead for their ceremony. The room was decorated to the max with pom poms, flowers, lace and tonnes of fairy lights, it was like a fairytale! As soon as the guitarist started playing, Luke burst into tears, and he turned to watch Charlie and Lois walk up the aisle before Sheena and her father. It was such a beautiful and emotional ceremony, who knew Luke was a crier!

After the ceremony we had a fun confetti walk and a group shot before I stole the couple off for a few shots on their own. I even managed to hitch a ride in their amazing VW campervan to the photo location! The long drive at Bassmead is an ideal spot, and in July, there were some gorgeous looking pale grass fields nearby! Sheena was keen to get back to the guests so we headed back in the van, she had a surprise in store! Once we arrived and Luke exited the vehicle, the family dog bounded over to greet him! Their friend, Jamie, had gone to the effort of bringing him along to make their wedding day even more special! She had even put a little bow tie on his collar, he looked adorable!!!

The reception room and foyer were decorated to an incredible standard, with gorgeous vintage shabby chic props and signage! I particularly loved the vintage ladder table plan and of course the sweet table! Everyone settled in for dinner and the speeches, where Luke made the sweetest speech to his new wife.

After dinner there was a small gap before evening guests were due to arrive, so we made use of the time with some more photos by their Love Lights by Summer Lily Love Lights before venturing outside again for some fun and casual shots down a country lane!


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