Sung Blue Photography | A Woodland Walk Proposal: Martin + Aimee

A Woodland Walk Proposal: Martin + Aimee

February 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have always wanted to shoot a proposal, so when Martin dropped me a message saying he was planning one, I was so there. 

I love so much that Martin came to me with an idea. An idea to capture his girlfriend's face when he asked her to marry him. He wanted to freeze that moment forever as he knew it would go by in a blink of an eye on the day. We came up with a plan. His girlfriend Aimee was pregnant and it was also her birthday coming up, so we planned a family/maternity photoshoot for her birthday to put her off the scent. 

On the day of the shoot, we travelled to a local woodland near Woburn, where the family take walks with their gorgeous doggy! They also brought along their beautiful daughter Grace, who was loving the fact that it had recently rained, so splashed around happliy in her wellies!

I could tell Martin was super nervous... but lucky for him, Aimee didn't suspect a thing! I gave him the nod when we got to a beautiful location, a gorgeous tree lined walk with stunning light. Aimee watched while Martin and their daughter hunted in the trees. After a little exploring, the pair emerged with a small bag! Grace ran over to her mummy with the little bag explaining that she had found some treasure in the woods. Aimee was puzzled and unsure what to do with this gift, but Martin took it instead and slowly opened it up. A ring! 

As Martin sunk to his knee Aimee realised what was happening, and I got to capture one of the most amazing moments ever. The whole family was in the photo - Martin, Aimee, their daughter, their dog and bump, everyone could witness the moment when Martin asked Aimee to be his wife.

I deffo cried!


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